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Worst Job Ever: Watch An Intern Get Shocked with 80,000 Volts by Drone at SXSW

Which is quite a departure from getting people coffee.

We know that tech internships are highly competitive, and you’d probably have to take a shot in the ass just to be considered for one, but we didn’t know you’d have to take a literal shot in the ass to be considered for one. By a personal security robot. With a stun gun.

The guilty parties are Chaotic Moon Studios, and they are making this poor kid really earn his college credits while demonstrating their brand spankin' new drone, which goes by CUPID, or Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone. The drone will recognize an intruder and send video to your phone (because you’re a busy person who has things to do and can’t be counted on to stun all sorts of intruders yourself), asking you whether they should allow or detain them; in the event of the latter, out comes an 80,000 volt stun gun.

The man with the pink shirt and mustache-free beard – who could not look more like he runs a tech startup – explains that this system, which will usher in the dystopian era that Robocop warned us all about, was actually pretty simple! And to demonstrate, they’ve kindly volunteered a guy who works for them. For free, of course. The intern engages in a tense robot stare-down for a few seconds, but gets zapped when he turns to (pretend to) escape. His employers quickly crowd around him, most likely whispering some version of, “Hey man, you aren’t going to sue us or anything, right?”

If you are still looking for an internship, we hear Cyberdyne is hiring. 

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