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Check, Please: NHL Action For the Week of 6/3

We’re only one step away from the biggest stage, and Matt Cooke is still laying down dirty hits.

(Photo: Bruce Bennett / Getty Images Sport | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013)

The Magic Is Missing
Both Western teams made it by way of a game 7, but the Blackhawks don’t look interested in doing that again. So much of this series depended on the Blackhawks figuring out Jonathan Quick, and after putting six past him in the first two games of the series, they might as well have his social security number and a list of his childhood dreams. Even Michal Handzus, a man whose own Wikipedia page features a photo of him getting knocked on his ass, netted his second goal of the postseason on Quick.

Pittsburgh Wins At All Costs, Even If That Cost Is Losing
After severing the Achilles tendon of defensive dynamo Erik Karlsson earlier this year (regarded as an accident by some, not so much by others) Penguins semi-goon Matt Cooke furthered his reputation by dropping Adam McQuaid’s reading comprehension back a few grades with a vicious and illegal check from behind. Cooke was dismissed from the game, but will be back in game two to try and climb out of the one-game hole that they’ve landed in.

Mike Francesa Has Breaking News That He Knows Nothing About


If you like your news without much news at all, Mike’s the man for you.

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