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Jamaal Charles and Hapless Chiefs Have Serious Man Crush on Peyton Manning

Everyone loves Peyton Manning, even those who were previously crushed by his passing prowess and amazing leadership. When fans suffer, they hope the athletes they worship suffer as well, but that's not how things work. Life goes on, and sometimes you just have to get a bro's autograph.


KCTV-5 (h/t BuzzFeed) in Kansas City reports on the latest loss from the Chiefs, this time against the 8-3 Denver Broncos. Typically, when your team owns just one win, the visiting squad tends to get more media hype, even in your hometown. So, it's not surprising the report centered on Peyton Manning. What's shocking is Jamaal Charles was seen getting his autograph, and Dwayne Bowe even took a picture with him. You can catch the video here.


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