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Lenny Dykstra Sentenced to More Jail Time

MLBer hailed as a “financial wizard” continues his epic tailspin.

The tale of Lenny Dykstra dropped another sad chapter yesterday as the former big-leaguer was sentenced to 6 ½ months in prison for bankruptcy fraud. “Nails,” as he became endeared to Mets’ fans (who already have it hard enough), is already serving three years for car theft and generally doing a whole bunch of terrible things that you aren’t supposed to do with your money. The sentence was light compared to what was asked for, as the judge considered his drug and alcohol problems in sentencing him.

We’ve delved into Nails’ story before, but it’s worth revisiting if you are curious how Dykstra so quickly went from mansions and Maybachs to selling the kitchen sink (literally) off the back of a truck.

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