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Maxim’s Office Fantasy League Draft Results

And the number one pick was a little unorthodox.

In search of yet another excuse to drink beers and eat hot wings in lieu of work, Football Maximus – our office fantasy football league – held its draft today. Sleeper picks were declared, kickers were picked too early, and many Tebow/Hernandez jokes were made.

Shane Lyons and his crew from downtown New York’s Distilled started the party with some upscale pub fare (because you know how classy we are here at Maxim), including crispy wings hit with a super-tasty Korean Gochujang sauce that disappeared as quickly as Adrian Peterson did on the board.

However, AD didn’t go first, as was the consensus. In fact, Deputy Editor and cheesehead David Swanson, phoning in from a picturesque mountain cabin where he was likely rocking back and forth whittling a pipe, picked Aaron Rodgers to go first – a homer pick if we’ve ever seen one. The picks evened out a bit after that, until everyone got a few beers in, that is.

Click through to the next page to see our draft results, and tell us in the comments who you think won the draft.