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Miami Heat Good At Basketball, Bad At Celebrating

But the Pacers are bad at both.

In a game where Dwyane got his groove back and the Pacers looked about as inspired as the Biebs, the Heat clinched a trip to the NBA finals in a game 7 that the world greeted with a collective “eh.”

Luckily, watchers who switched to hockey (although that was a blowout too, so, Keeping Up With The Kardashians?) at halftime were treated to the biggest airball of the night. Mike Miller tried to go upstairs on a Birdman high five, but completely whiffed. Birdman tried his best to salvage it with a back slap as Miller went past, but the damage was done.

In further weirdness, Jeff Pendergrass and Norris Cole were tossed by the no-nonsense official (who will turn this car around right now, if you don’t cut it out) and they were quickly followed down the tunnel by…Flo Rida’s manager? Apparently the mogul was having words with Pendergrass when he was tossed along with him. Fortunately, Flo Rida – known for nothing if not being loyal to then end – sprung to his aid, declaring, “If he goes, I GO.” Just kidding, Flo Rida was all like “Go start the car bro, I’ll be out there when this is done.”


Not a bad way to get into the swing of an NBA Finals that both everybody and nobody wants to see. 

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