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MLB Oddballs: The 20 Freakiest, Funniest Crackpots In Baseball

The Motormouth: Hunter Pence

Illustrated for Maxim by James Bennett | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

What was going through your head during the Giants’ postseason push?
I just lost my mind. I would talk about it with Brian Wilson, who’d say, “We’re getting outhit, outpitched; let’s do something!” So I started a parade. I’m not saying that’s why we won, and it might have looked crazy to fans and everybody else, but crazy worked for us. We’re the World Series champions. It’s not weird if it works.
Why would a grown man making millions of dollars take a motorized scooter to work instead of a limo?
Our chef, of all people, custom-builds these scooters, and they’re awesome. Wilson has one, and Marco Scutaro has one. It’s hard 
to drive in San Francisco, but there are bike lanes everywhere, so I try to take advantage of it.
How did you come up with the craziest stance in baseball?
Everyone hits differently. I might look kind of unusual, but the bottom line is, does it work? My swings have always been made fun of. But the joke was when the Astros signed me. For­tunately they didn’t mess with my swing.


Carlos Zambrano, Miami Marlins Starting Pitcher
He was voted baseball’s meanest pitcher: After giving up five homers to the Braves in 2011, he fired two balls at Chipper Jones, then bolted, cleaned out his locker, and “retired.” For two whole days.

Brandon McCarthy, Arizona Diamondbacks Starting Pitcher
After fracturing his skull, the hilarious hurler had this to say: “Well, if being discharged from the hospital isn’t the best time to ask about a threesome, then I’m fresh out of ideas.” His wife was not amused.

R.A. Dickey, Toronto Blue Jays Starting Pitcher
R. A. not only has the craziest pitch in the game but reads books and stuff, too. Nutty! Even weirder? Risking his 2012 salary to climb Kilimanjaro. He went on to win the Cy Young, so maybe the altitude did him good.

Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees Third Baseman
Where to start? The rumored centaur self-portrait? Trying to pick up fans? During the playoffs? While in a slump? But the craziest thing may be his latest alleged PED scandal. Did he learn nothing the first time?

C. J. Wilson, Los Angeles Angels Starting Pitcher
It’s one thing to go straight-edge if you are an ugly, broke punk rocker. Quite another if you’re a handsome ace making $16 mil per year. No booze, no drugs, no sleeping around? Could be the oddest man in pro sports.