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Shaq's Words to Live By

For March Madness 2012, Dove Men + Care presents Shaq's Big Excuse, an app that sends a voicemail from Shaq to your boss, friends, mom, and whoever else you need to get off the hook with so you can catch up on the big games! Here at Maxim, we love games, so here's one: Match Shaq's answers with our questions, and leave your guesses in the comments!


A. “Be true to yourself; be true to who you are. Number two that would be have fun. Number three is look good feel good. Number four is use Dove. And then number five is repeat one through four.”

B. “I don’t want to say a name, and then start a controversy. There’s a lot of people I would never send that to.”

C. “It would be Shaq-late. Shaq-late and vanilla.”

D. “It’s my book and I talk about growing up and basketball of course, and a lot of personal stuff. I think it’s a good book for people who know about me but don’t really know me and want a personal side.”

E. “That’s a great question. I’m not sure.”

F. "I always buy in bulk. So when I go to the store, I just grab ten body washes and ten soaps."

G. “I’m a big fan of you guys, the website and the magazine”

H. “Obviously I’m very comfortable in my own skin, and  I’ve been using their product for many years way before I became a big time baller. They have great products and as an athlete and someone on camera, deodorants and body washes for men are very, very important."

I. " I have the iPhone and I have the Samsung with the big screen from AT&T. I got both, they’re fabulous."



1. Who would you never send that voicemail to? Who would you probably send it to in your own life?

2. Are you an Android fan or iOS or an Apple fan?

3. How many Dove soaps you use in a month?

4. Anything you'd like to add?

5. A lot of this campaign is about feeling comfortable in your own skin, so what advice would you give our readers top five tips for feeling good about themselves?

6. What can you tell us about your book, Shaq Uncut, for people who don’t know about it?

7. Why did you choose to make this app with Dove?

8. You’re leaving voicemails so guys can get out of something so they can watch the game. What would you skip work for?

9. Recently, Ben & Jerry's released an ice cream flavor inspired by Linsanity. If you had an ice cream flavor, what would it be?

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