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Soccer Streaker Ruins A Goal And Pays For It

This idiot had a huge day. 


If you consider rushing the field to be an art form, this is a video of a blind man coloring by numbers. 

The Big Lead spotted a fan at a Finnish soccer match between HJK and RoPS who took the pitch wearing what appeared to be a pair of black spanx or unfortunately tiny boxer briefs. What was more unfortunate, however, was the completely amateur, game-altering manner in which this field rushing went down.

First off, this rusher had no idea what he was doing, and it showed. The man interrupted what had been a beautiful offensive possession on the field. His heedless, be-spanked bottom blundered into the middle of the action, where a quality through ball to an HJK forward had opened up a clear goalscoring opportunity for the home team. 

The streaker runs right across the forward’s line, interrupting everything as he bounds through the box. As a result, the ensuing garbage goal is rightfully discounted as a product of the interruption.

Had it not happened? Chalk one up for the Klubi, whose players responded by taking the fan to the ground like a dog owner rubbing a pup’s nose in a mistake—but that’s not the issue here.

The issue is how this goomba went about ruining this moment.

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