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The 10 Best Twitter Responses to Tim Tebow Signing With the Pats

In the biggest sports story of the year, the fourth string quarterback signs the contract.

Photo: Denver Post via Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

Unless you spent yesterday under a rock, you may have heard that the New England Patriots signed the world's most famous terrible quarterback, Tim Tebow. Now, don't get us wrong, Tim Tebow is a lot of things, a lot of GOOD things: a good citizen, a good guy, a good teammate; he's good at running through the rain with his shirt off; he's even (maybe) a good football player. Or at least an entertaining one. What he is not is a good quarterback, which is why the internet blew up yesterday when it was announced that he'd signed with the New England Patriots. The reactions ran the spectrum from bewilderment to perplexity (which, depending on your vocabulary, you realize is a very small spectrum). Here are our 10 favorite twitter responses to the biggest sports story of the millennium:

And finally, let us never forget how Rob Gronkowski feels about his new teammate: