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Badass Book Club: March

Where literacy and awesomeness collide!

This month’s selection: Your Wildest Dreams, Within Reason by Mike Sacks

If words strung together in a humorous manner are something you enjoy, put your eyes on this little beauty. The book collects 54 short humor pieces, like cuddle party rules, illustrated IKEA instructions for the end of your life, and lesser-known sex positions, that funny fella Mike Sacks wrote for the likes of The New Yorker, Vanity Fair and McSweeney’s.

We recently chatted over a cup of coffee with the author about his tome. And by chatted over a cup of coffee, we mean emailed him some questions. Listen in, won’t you?

Hey Mike, how’s it going?
[No response, since we actually forgot to email him that question.]

What is your book called?
Your Wildest Dreams, Within Reason. The original title was Da Vinci Code 2. Strangely, there were some legal that prevented us from doing that.

Why should anyone read it instead of watching a Jersey Shore marathon?
They shouldn't. Watch the damn marathon. And then cuddle up with your own personal Snooki and read the book. This is more meaningful. Also, if you could videotape it and send me a copy I'd be eternally grateful.

What is the best part of your book?
That's like asking who your favorite child is and why isn't it the one who's missing a leg. I'm kind of partial to the nude author's photo of me wearing a kick-ass party sombrero.

What is the worst part?
That 200-page section in the middle written in ancient Latin. A little slow, I must admit.

If your book were a person, would it be sexually active?
Yes, the biggest, sloppiest, nastiest skank in the world. And for that, I'm most proud.

Order a copy of Your Wildest Dreams, Within Reason, $14, at