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Hey truTV: Yo Animals So Cute

Nothing offends quite like a jab at "Yo mama," but what if, as you swung around to ask, "What'd you just say about my mama?!" you found yourself face to face with him:

Eric Gevaert/shutterstock

TruTV's brings you the most adorable round of "Yo mama" jokes ever to circulate the internet. You'll be simultaneously "aw"-ing and "ohhhh"-ing as each of these too-cute-to-kick furballs gets in your face about the woman who brought you into this world. There's just no room for offense here. Think how disappointed yo mama would be if she found out you were threatening baby animals. Besides, it's not like she knows what's up. We heard yo mama so dumb that she can't even read these "Yo mama" jokes. Hey, don't get mad at us, that's just what the orangutan's been saying.  

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