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The Five Best Batman-Star Wars Mashups

In the ongoing war for control of the internet's attention, videos of cat antics have made serious strides against pornography, but the biggest gains belong to Batman after a strategic alliance with Star Wars. 

Yes, it seems a deep-seated need to make Star Wars kick-ass again has led to a call for help from the most capable man on Earth. But is he capable off-planet as well? Let's take a look. 

You can't mention Batman in the same breath as Star Wars without thinking of this piece of internet-awesome by artist Andrew Zubko. Is Batman fighting the shark, or just riding it? Do lightsabers work underwater? Wouldn't they boil the liquid around them, scalding the wielder? How can Batman breathe underwater? NONE OF THESE QUESTIONS MATTER: Batman. Lightsaber. Shark. 

Who are the deadliest warriors in the galaxy? Alright, the Jedi, but how about the one without superpowers? Mandalorians, and the Fett family in particular, are an apt fit for the Dark Knight's particular skill set. That's what artist Plinio Marcos Pinto figured out when he recruited Bruce Wayne into the Mandalorian army. Or mercenary forces. Whatever they are this week.

Pinto Batman as Boba Fett

Mandalorians don't have a lot of love for either side of the Force, so it's entirely likely that Batsy's imperial adventures bring him into conflict with Darth Vader, as imagined by Dave Dorman. Two heavily armored Dark Knights that refuse to use guns battling for the fate of the galaxy? Get us front row seats to that showdown. ...On second thought, mezzanine. We don't want to get hit by any Force-redirected batarangs. 

Dorman Batman Darth Vader duel

Assuming he wins the battle, Batman is going to sustain some heavy injuries. He might not make it to help in time. Unless there's some life-suport armor that he can crawl into... Ladies and gentlemen, Jay Fife and his daughter Erin give you: Bat Vader.

Fife Bat Vader

Finally, of course, comes the  inevitable cartoon spin-off. Dean Fraser depicts a sleek Darth Bats along with a fitting ensemble of casting that includes C-3P0 as Alfred and the Emperor as the Joker.

Dean Fraser Batman as Darth Vader animated

Batman better watch out, though; the kittens are forming an alliance with Star Wars too.