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The Five Best Bikini Beaches

Because all other considerations are secondary.


Why It's Hot:
Admittedly not Brazil’s prettiest beach from a geological standpoint, but this urban hangout is overrun by supermodely, local beauties flaunting their natural—and sometimes not-so-natural—wonders in “fio dental” (that’s Portuguese for “dental floss”) bikinis.
Where To Stay: Improve your chances of hanging with Brazilian underwear models—or at least sitting in close proximity of one—at the rooftop pool of the Hotel Marina All Suites (from $400), known around town for its celebrity hotspot Bar d’Hotel. It’s also got great views of the city—if you can drag your eyes away from the company.
Where to Drink: Catch the tail end of summer at Rio’s raucous Carnival (March 6-8), order up some caipirinhas at a sidewalk café, and watch women parade through the streets in Bedazzled two pieces (and sometimes just one pieces. And if you get lucky, no pieces).


Why It's Hot: In answering the ancient question of “How far from the beach is too far to still be wearing a bathing suit?,” SoBe locals sagely reply, “Huh?” Supermarket, café, five-star restaurant, straddling the hood of a limo at 40mph, wherever - the two-piece is the Miami woman’s “little black dress.”
Where to Stay: The Catalina is a Collins Avenue mainstay that embraces the spring break ethos pretty much 365 days a year—with bargain rooms and a nonstop party that begins in the lobby at check in (and ends in you asleep in a bus shelter somewhere, cuddling a stolen bar stool while wearing a pair of fisherman’s waders).
Where To Drink: The Florida Room at the Delano is a good-old piano bar, but if you want to go, be prepared to wait in line for a while (and by “a while”, we mean, “all week”).


Why It's Hot: The first hint of what waits on this Caribbean island comes from’s bikini-clad spokeswoman/tour guide offering to “Show you my island.” Once you’re there, free-spirited Dutch chicks bare it all on tops-optional beaches.
Where To Stay: You might consider staying at Club Orient, St. Maarten’s famous nudist resort—until you see it’s family-friendly (why, hello there, enormously fat German man with the blue flip-flops and the tiny dick!) Instead, keep your clothes on and check in to the Westin Dawn Beach Resort & Spa or Hotel L’Esplanade.
Where To Drink: There aren’t many places besides the Sunset Bar & Grill where you can watch planes land from a tarmac-close vantage point, and a bikini contest at the same time.


Why It's Hot: There’s, shall we say, “something” (something leafy and pungent…) about Negril that seems to make girls too apathetic to bother putting on clothes.
Where To Stay: The restaurant’s Red Stripe-battered shrimp alone make staying at the Rockhouse worth it. A few minutes’ from Negril’s main sandy stretch, this low-fi resort has an infinity pool and comfortable rooms.
Where To Drink: The cliff-set Rick’s Café. Strong drinks, no lifeguard, and cliff jumping. What could go wrong? (Don’t ask our friend, Flathead McWaterylungs).


Why It's Hot: This super-swank, newly developed stretch of Cancun is filled with hot, successful cougars on girlfriend getaways ready to party—and show off their gym-perfect bodies
Where To Stay: Shack up in ultra-luxe villas with large, private infinity pools at the new Banyan Tree Mayakoba, that passes through the 18-hole El Chameleon golf course. Or, if you’re feeling less flashy, you could try sleeping on the sidewalk, but we really wouldn’t recommend it.
Where To Drink: Head to Playa del Carmen’s main drag and start the night at John Gray’s Place. Try not to end the night either in jail or in a kidnapper’s basement (both equally likely).