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The Five Weirdest Rock Star Deaths

The news came out this week that the cause of Amy Winehouse's death was, in fact, alcohol, which is tragic but hardly surprising. The following unfortunate incidents, however, were somewhat less predictable...

Toto drummer Jeff Porcaro kicked the bucket in 1992 while suffering a heart attack after an allergic reaction to pesticide in his garden (well...that was the "official" version, anyway...) What kind of self-respecting rock star is into gardening?

The Rolling Stones' Brian Jones, 27, never found out if it really is a drag. He was discovered motionless at the bottom of his swimming pool in 1969 after partying harder than bandmate Keith Richards, which is weird because no one thought that was humanly possible.

"Don't worry, it's not loaded", were the lastwords Chicago guitarist Terry Kath said to his wife when he pointed a pistol at his head in 1978. Kath, a monster guitarist admired by Jimi Hendrix, killed the initial version of Chicago, which lost its muscle and balls after he checked out.

Sonny Bono died after hitting a tree while skiing in 1998. In an unusual twist, his daughter is now also able to get wood.

French singer-songwriter Claude Francois died while trying to change a lightbulb in a full bathtub in 1978. Presumably he wanted to see who he was surrendering to.