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The Five Worst Looks In Music

If you ever wanted to look and run like a Beastie Boy back in the day, you have the chance to make it happen: A limited edition of the canvas high-top sneakers worn by Mike D, Ad-Rock and MCA during their Licenced to Ill tour in 1986 are available. The sneakers can be had for $200 on Ebay. Pricey, sure, but they were awesome then and they're awesome now. Unlike the following looks, which weren't even cool back in the day... 

The five worst looks in pop-rock history

1. No Love For The Glove
Michael Jackson's white, sparkly glove was bad, and not in a good way. Jackson was a great singer and dancer but he had horrible fashion sense (and was a lousy babysitter).

2. Durst is The Worst
Fred Durst's red Yankee cap was a total fashion violation. Red is the color of their arch-rival Red Sox but Durst wore the cap in numerous Limp Bizkit videos. What's he wearing now? No one cares.

3. Ice is Not So Nice
Vanilla Ice stole the bass line from Queen's "Under Pressure" for his only hit. Why he didn't he take something cool when it came to stage wear? He was unintentionally hilarious on Saturday Night Live sporting patriotic parachute pants.

4. Kiss This
Kiss sported makeup for a reason. The rock capitalists looked a lot cooler in goofy costumes and greasepaint than they did with their actual mugs. The band figured that out after performing live without makeup and an audience for a decade. Fortunately, Kiss once again hits the stage in disguise.

5. What in the name of God?
Why did Christian metalheads Stryper try to dress like bumblebees? The only guys that can wear yellow and black without getting pummeled are the Pittsburgh Steelers.