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The Three Gnarliest Kills From "The Walking Dead" Premiere

The second season of AMC's ass-kicking, flesh-eating drama The Walking Dead not only premiered to record ratings, but showed some of the gnarliest zombie kills we've ever seen. The first season of the series had some killer zombie executions that are forever engrained in our braaaaiiiiiiins (i.e. the zombie lady that was crawling around because she was cut in half), but if the premiere of season two is any indication of things to come, then we're going to be throwing up our Sunday night dinners for the next few weeks. It's going to be awesome! Until next week's installment, let's look back at the three best, most stomach-turning zombie kills from the premiere of The Walking Dead

--When the group of survivors head out of Atlanta, they get stuck on a stretch of highway cluttered with overturned cars and corpses (are we sure this isn't set in Detroit?) As if that weren't unfortunate enough, a pack of walkers descends upon them. There were some good kills here, but none as satisfying watching Andrea (Laurie Holden) jam a wrench right into the eye of a particularly disgusting zombie. If only she'd yelled "See you in hell!" when she did it. Get it? Because the zombie can't see anymore! (AMC - we're available for script writing duties. We also do booby jokes). 

--After little Sophia gets lost in the woods after a zombie chase, Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Dixon (Norman Reedus) kill a nearby zombie. After finding flesh in its teeth and under its fingernails, the guys wonder if the walker got to the youngster before they could. Of course, there's only one way to find out: Cut him open and make for the single most disgusting backwoods surgery (in this case, literally) you've ever laid eyes on. If it wasn't the sounds of the knife tearing the chest open or the squishy guts moving around, then the guys pulling out the stomach of the zombie and rooting around to see what it ate should have done. The good news? It didn't eat Sophia. The bad news? We had haggis for dinner. 

--After stumbling upon a church, the gang also finds three zombies who have taken up residency there. While all three met their maker, the absolute best came when Grimes who, while standing in front of a huge cross,  executed a walker by slamming a knife right down the middle of its head. Guess we're all going to hell now!