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Three Awesome Internships to Get This Summer

Ok, they’re not paying jobs. But it’s more fun than washing cars, right? Apart from the internship at the car wash.



Malibu Correspondent
Malibu is looking for an extra special intern this summer – one who can present videos, write blogs, interview celebrities and introduce groups at several huge summer gigs. Sounds pretty good, right? That’s because it is! It’s part of a contest to find the next Radio MalibuBoom Boom Correspondent, and it’ll see the finalists go to Barbados, before the winner spends the summer jetting around with two (currently secret!) Billboard artists, doing all the above-mentioned awesome stuff. Doesn’t get much better than that... oh wait, yes it does--the job pays $15K! To apply, click here.

If you’re looking for something that could lead to a long-term career in drinking beer, how about a brewery internship? That’s right, these things really do exist. You could spend your summer learning the finer points of crafting beer, promoting new products and even explaining to people where that smell of yeast is coming from without embarrassment for the first time. Lots of breweries do it – in most cases, you just have to hit their website and email a request about internships, but other breweries – such as Harpoon – have pages on their site dedicated to applications. Happy drinking!

If you’re near NYC and looking for something else that would also lead you to a long-term career in drinking beer, have you ever thought about working for Maxim? No? Tell the truth, nor did we – we got our jobs in the traditional manner: waking up chained to a desk after passing out in a Chik-fil-A (every time, they get us with that!). To apply, send a resume and cover letter to Stephanie Radvan at (including Maxim Summer Editorial Intern in the subject line). Then prepare yourself to spend your days doing stuff like this.

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