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Birthday: May 6, 1983
Hometown: Toledo, Ohio

Where You've Seen Her: You obviously recognize her as No. 79 on the 2007 Maxim Hot 100 list, but she happens to have a solid TV résumé, as well. After landing roles in shows like Supernatural, South Beach, and, most notably, Friday Night Lights, Adrianne is ready to don her all-American star-spangled panties, having recently been cast as Wonder Woman in producer David E. Kelley’s upcoming NBC series about the ultra-sexy superhero. Nerds, prepare to be smitten.

Nerds or Jocks?: "I like them a little in between. I kind of like the bad boy a little bit…with a little nerdy thing going on. I like him to know Spaceballs and stuff. I love comic books. I have Supergirl tattoo, it's that bad." —The Daily Ten

Adrianne Palicki