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Date of birth:
November 24, 1978

Chicago, Illinois

Where part thou?
“I had screen-tested for Romeo & Juliet opposite Leonardo Di Caprio when I was young. I didn’t realize who I was up against—there were six finalists: Natalie Portman, Christina Ricci, Reese Witherspoon, Claire Danes, me, and this other girl from Chicago. I was clueless.”

Where you’ve seen her:
On the small screen in American Family, Las Vegas, Greetings From Tucson, All About the Andersons, and on the big screen alongside Jennifer Aniston in The Good Girl.

Box-office report:
“I realized how Hollywood works. It taught me that talent doesn’t necessarily get you the job. I realized, OK, it’s a business. And so that was a point in my life I realized Hollywood is a business, and if you don’t like the business aspect, don’t go to Hollywood. Go to theater. Talent has something to do with it, but marketability and profit probably have more to do with it.”

Girl gone wild:
“Every weekend I'm free I usually go to the mountains to hike or rock climb. In the winter I ski and love to snowboard.”

Good cents:
She majored in journalism and economics, and after graduation took up a brief position at a Wall Street company as a mutual fund analyst, before choosing a career in acting.

Going for broker:
“When I'm not working, I tutor junior and high school students in Spanish. And as soon as someone finds out about my experience on Wall Street, I am usually hit up for investment tips.”

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