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Birthday: April 22, 1986
Hometown: Austin, Texas

Where You've Seen Her: In bittersweet news from last year, Amber decided to switch teams and go lesbian (not that you had a chance), upping her hotness quotient a few extra points. Before that, you knew her as Seth Rogen's high school girlfriend in Pineapple Express and have seen her in horror flicks like The Stepfather. Now she's jumping out of movie screens and practically onto our laps, joining a hell-bent Nicholas Cage on a quest for vengeance in the action-packed Drive Angry 3D. We'd prefer girl-on-girl action, but this should quicken the pulse a great deal, too.

The Power of Breasts: "At first, you've got to take guest appearances on TV shows, which I did plenty of. I did plenty of topless scenes too, which are in movies for no reason other than they're topless. I paid that small price, which you have to do to go further. But I always knew what I was doing in a movie. If my role was nothing but that, I could make the decision, as an adult, whether to use it to my advantage or not." -FHM

Amber Heard