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Birthday: Aug. 20th, 1974
Hometown: Vicenza, Italy

Where You’ve Seen Her: Whether she’s melting hearts in Talladega Nights and Enchanted, doing nun stuff in Doubt, or failing miserably at the Julia Child cookbook in Julie & Julia, this fiery redhead always makes us flip through our internal pickup-line rolodex. (After seeing Doubt, we were sure we could win her over with “Get ME to a nunnery!”) This weekend, she appears in The Fighter opposite Mark Wahlberg, opening in limited release. So hello to his mother for us.

On Her Hooters Past: "It wasn't like it was the worst job. And the thing was: I was a dancer. So, [the] clothing... it's like I was running around in leotards and tights and running out in public to go get stuff. And like putting on shorts with my leotard... it was essentially the same thing. It was fine. It took care of me for a while." —IGN

Amy Adams