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Birthday: February 21, 1987

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Where You've Seen Her: Not that you'd ever admit it, but you probably recognize Ashley from her role as the vixen vampire Alice in the Twilight series. You still don't? Then you live in a glitter, emo-vampire-free universe and we truly envy you. And don't worry, this year you'll be seeing lots of Greene in non-tween flicks: LOL, The Apparition, A Warrior's Heart, Butter, and Skateland (out on DVD this Spring). And lucky you, according to the Google machine, Greene has reportedly split from Joe Jonas and is back on the market... since like, yesterday.

The Worst Kind of Nosebleed: "I fought the boys, because I had beat up all the girls. I made this guy I had a crush on bleed. We were sparring, and I kicked him in the nose."

Ashley Greene