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Birthday: March 27, 1988

Hometown: Carmichael, Calif.


Where You've Seen Her: One of the lucky few actresses with a Hulk Hogan flick on her resume (Santa With Muscles!), this child star appeared in about a zillion Disney Channel productions before finally graduating to her first adult role with The Social Network (out today on DVD). Brenda will appear on the big screen later this year as the long-delayed Boogie Town, a sort of sci-fi/dance battle hybrid (okaaaaaay), finally sees release after being completed a year and a half ago. Brenda, we're certain you were worth the wait...

Shaking Her Groove Thing: "It's like hip-hop, but [Boogie Town has] a lot of wire works because it's very futuristic. It's actually really cool because we did a lot of night shooting in downtown L.A., so I felt like a little vampire for a while." —Just Jared Jr.

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