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Birthday: April 6, 1983
Hometown: Miami, Florida

Where You’ve Seen Her: The voluptuous beauty has been keeping the purveyors of screengrabs and animated gifs VERY busy in movies like Accepted, Wedding Crashers, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, Night of the Demons, and, most recently, 30 Days of Night: Dark Days (available on DVD now). Diora is also active on Twitter, where she isn't shy about Twitpic-ing the occasional suggestive photo. Any wonder she has over 16,000 followers?

On Her 30 Days of Night: Dark Days character: "I play Amber, who's the bitchy girl in the movie. [laughs] She's there to create any sort of friction between the two lovebirds, get in the middle, annoy everybody and then kill a few vampires while she's rolling her eyes and chewing her gum. But I think Dark Days kicks ass because it's not the typical G-rated vampire that we see all the time now. I think adults are getting sick of the whole sparkly vampire thing. What's up with that? You don't have fangs? You're a vegetarian? What the fuck's up with that?"

On Auditioning Her Breasts: "For Wedding Crashers, they had to see my boobs before I got the part. They auditioned my breasts. So that was amazing for my ego. Then they shot my scenes once topless and then once with a bra. Then they ended up using the scene with the bra. The director said that when I did it topless it was way too distracting. [laughs] You needed to hear the dialogue, and these two giant white things staring at you were distracting. I was like, 'I told you so!' That was my one and only breast audition. They took Polaroids, the director approved them, and then they sent the Polaroids back. So no random intern got to keep them or anything. Although I'm sure there's a copy floating around somewhere"

On Her Dream Role: "I always wanted to do some kind of period piece, and have my boobs pushed up to my face - I feel like I was born to wear corsets. I'm sure after one day I'd be like, OK, I'm done, but I would love to do a period film. I've never done that before."

On Fanboys: "The thing about the horror genre is the fans. They're amazing. They're the most loyal, amazing fans out there. I wouldn't give that up for anything. I have not signed any body parts, yet, but I totally would. I love talking to the fans. That's why I love Twitter. I can actually communicate with people. I love the whole concept - I mean, it's only fair. If they're going to buy your movie and pay your bills essentially, so the least you can do is meet them and say thank you. I'm fortunate that I have really, really awesome fans. It's weird to even call them 'fans,' I call them 'friends.' 'Fans' just seems way too surreal."

30 Days of Night: Dark Days is available on DVD and Blu-ray now.

Diora Baird

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