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We got to chat with the lovely star of Chasing UFOs. Read more here.

Final Meal: I'd definitely start out with some New England clam chowder, a stack of White Castle Burgers, some lobster, corn on the cob, and then a root beer float to finish it off.

Worst Thing You've Eaten: I’ve eaten some really bad things. It ranges from sea horses to scorpions. I’ve drank snake blood and snake vile, and there is a delicacy in the Philippines called the Blut. What they do is let the chicken in the egg grow longer, so instead of eating a little chicken embryo, you’re eating an actual chicken. It’s almost like a full chicken inside the egg-- they love it and they say it’s an aphrodisiac, but let me tell you, the smell is so strong and pungent. You eat it and it's bird feathers and bones. I look at these people and they’re like smiling at you like "Yeah, this is a real turn-on for me.” It’s so awful.

Signature Drink: I'm a gin and tonic kind of lady. It's a classic Ryder cocktail.

Guilty Pleasure: True Blood. There's something about vampires, blood and sex. That show just does it better than any of them.

Most Embarassing Things on Your iPod: I have one of those iPods that you can't put on shuffle, because it would probably just be the downturn of any party. I love ABBA and Sinead O'Connor.

Go-To Karaoke Songs: I'll go for Barry White. I like the Divinyls. "I Touch Myself" is something I've been known to sing. Also, "Love Shack" by the B-52's.

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Erin Ryder

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