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Birthday: Aug. 21st, 1989

Hometown: Palisades, N.Y.


Where You've Seen Her: As a cheerleader on Heroes, as a cheerleader in Bring It On: All or Nothing, as a cheerleader in I Love You, Beth Cooper!...see a pattern here? The most awesome pattern that could ever be generated, we mean? She can be seen in Scream 4 when it makes a bloody entrance into theaters April 14th, but until then, you'll have to tide yourself over with Hayden's voice work in the animated Alpha and Omega, on DVD Tuesday. We're the ones howling at this wolf...

We're Sorry, You Said Something After 'Shower'?: "I don't know if [the shower scene in I Love You, Beth Cooper!] was very important. Maybe some high school boys will disagree with that, but it wasn't very important to me. We just wanted the audience to understand that this is high school, and that the people are young and reckless. All of the goofing around and playing and seducing—it's all about my character having control of the situation on her last night of high school." —


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Hayden Panettiere

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