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Birthday: Feb. 25th, 1979

Hometown: Lawrenceville, Ga.


Where You've Seen Her: You may have last spotted Southern belle Jennifer Ferrin in Sex and the City 2 (if you were dragged to it, we understand; that sort of thing happens once you lose your man card) or on Nurse Jackie with Edie Falco. Jennifer has also turned up on Life on Mars and As the World Turns (and yes, we know your woman "made" you watch this, too; man card privileges still revoked). Check her out as sexy ginger/soccer mom Dana Faraday in the action-packed and (lucky for you!) more man-friendly TV series The Cape on NBC Monday nights.

Up the Creek: "I had a small role on the season finale [of Dawson's Creek] on the season before the last one. It was a short scene I had with James Van Der Beek. We were on a plane, and I was nervous about flying. It was the end, and he was leaving all of his friends. He comforted me and said it's going to be OK. He was actually really cool." —Soap Opera Digest

Jennifer Ferrin

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