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Birthday: April 28, 1981

Hometown: Pomona, Calif.


Where You've Seen Her: Rocking rad dance moves while wearing the world's luckiest belly shirt in Honey, appearing without clothes as the Invisible Woman in Fantastic Four, changing your perception of how to work a stripper pole in Sin City...why hasn't this woman been given an honorary Oscar?! Until the Academy comes to it senses, comfort yourself by watching Jessica kick ass in Machete, out today on DVD. She really deserves an Oscar after that somehow-convincing love-story subplot with Danny Trejo...

Embrace the Sexy: "I don't think I play super-hot chicks. I just think that's the way they market people in bathing suits. Ashley Scott is in a bathing suit in [2005's Into the Blue] just as much as me, with a lot more angles [laughs]. I play the good girl. But for some reason everyone sort of emphasizes me being the sexy one." —

Jessica Alba