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Birthday: July 10, 1980
Hometown: Abilene, Texas


Where You’ve Seen Her: Though she’s sadly just announced her engagement to some football player (who apparently doesn’t actually play football), Jessica still has enough lasting goodwill from her charming turn on Newlyweds (with her ex Nick Lachey) and her sexy turn as Daisy Duke in the Dukes of Hazzard movie to keep us helplessly devoted. With a new Christmas album (Happy Christmas) in stores now, we can easily say, “Jess, all we want for Christmas is you... Preferably without that rock on your finger.”

Don't Forget the Shorts: "Daisy Duke ain't deep. She just needs to talk with an accent, smile, and show some cleavage. With a southern accent, you can make anything sound good. You can just say [bats her eyes and softly coos] 'Ah laahk you….'" —GQ

Jessica Simpson