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Birthday: Nov. 24, 1978
Hometown: Washington, D.C.

Where You’ve Seen Her: Even with a ton of credits under her belt, it was Grey’s Anatomy that made Katherine Heigl a household name. It wasn’t long before she shed her M.D. title for a night of unprotected sex with Seth Rogen in Knocked Up and knocked out a blockbuster hit. Shockingly, Katherine's good looks made her always the bridesmaid but never the bride in 27 Dresses, and she even dodged bullets with her once-assassin husband in Killers. Starting today Katherine plays step-in mom to her friend's orphaned baby in Life As We Know It. Oh baby, baby!

Putting On The Moves: "I'm not really a first-move kind of gal. I'm one of those women who always thinks it's better to play it cool and keep them wanting more, but I really threw myself at [my husband Josh Kelley]. I broke all the rules."—Vanity Fair 

Katherine Heigl