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Birthday: July 18, 1980

Hometown: Huntington Woods, Mich.

Where You’ve Seen Her: Even if you’ve forgotten her as Sarah Marshall, Kristen’s breakout performance as high-school-sleuth Veronica Mars is bound to ring a bell (Get it? Like her last name). Since then, she’s moved into to romcoms territory with date-flicks like Couples Retreat, When In Rome, and her latest, You Again, which is now available on DVD. Is there anything hotter than the on-screen combo of Kristen Bell and Betty White? Only if one of them’s naked. And we’re not picky.

Now THAT’S An Icebreaker: “I went out on a date once with a guy, and we were swimming or in the hot tub or something. He looked down at my boobs. In an attempt to make a joke out of it and call him out at the same time, I said, ‘Oh, what? Are you looking at my fake tits?’ And he sort of blushed. It wasn't until three months later that he actually admitted that he had thought that I had had breast implants.”--Interview

Kristen Bell