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On AfterBuzz:
"AfterBuzz TV is a new media network that produces 'after-shows' for your favorite TV shows. We produce over 30 different after-shows per week: from Mad Men to American Idol. Our industry insider hosts, break down episodes of series, take calls from fellow fans and interview cast and crew as guests."

Hangin' with Mr. President:
"Being the first and only reporter to interview the entire Obama family during the 2008 election has been the highlight of my career so far. ABC News put it in the top five deciding moments of the historic election. I had done a Nightly News series entitled, 'The Candidate's Kids' that I put so much heart into. It was great to cap it off with the Obama interview and is something Ill always be proud of."

On her upcoming Dancing with the Stars gig:
"It's a challenge, and I love trying new things. The worst thing has been the soreness of my feet and the fatigue. I don't know how dancers do it. I'm also nervous because I'm not a dancer by any stretch."

Slam Dunk:
"If I wasn't in entertainment, I'd work in charities dedicated to children or animals or I'd open a Dunkin Donuts."

She'll have a:
Bud Light and some Heath Bar Crunch Ice Cream.

Up next for the star:
"Serial Buddies-- the first serial killer buddy comedy ever made, is a film I've been working on for nearly three years. Its Napoleon Dynamite meets Dexter with an eclectic cast: a group of young actors from Improv Olympic and the Groundlings as well as Christopher Lloyd, Henry Winkler, Chris McDonald, Artie Lange, Beth Behrs and Kathie Lee Gifford. We finally finished it and I'm excited to get it out there."

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Maria Menounos