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Birthday: Nov. 28th, 1984
Hometown: Rocky Mount, N.C.

Where You’ve Seen Her: If your ears haven’t rung after Mary Elizabeth’s scream-queen turns in The Ring Two, Final Destination 3 or Black Christmas, your eyes have likely been seared by the heat emanating from the screen thanks to her roles in Sky High, Live Free or Die Hard and Death Proof. You can watch her make Michael Cera more meek and mush-mouthed than usual in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, out today on DVD. Battling seven evil exes is a small price to pay to be in her good graces…

What If We Ask Really Nicely?: "Ever since I started, I’ve said I won’t do nudity, that’s one thing. It’s hard because there are a lot of really good roles out there that I really want to play, but the director thinks that the nudity is really necessary. I’m fine with love scenes, I’m fine with sexual characters and things like that, but I feel that nudity isn’t really necessary." —Stumped

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

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