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Birthday: Oct. 14th, 1989
Hometown: Canberra, Australia

Where You've Seen Her: This 21-year-old Aussie sensation has racked up film credit after film credit since appearing on the inaugural season of HBO's In Treatment; movies such as Defiance, The Kids Are All Right, and Alice in Wonderland quickly followed. Her latest work comes as the titular character in Jane Eyre, an adaptation of the 19th-century novel by Charlotte Brontë, and if that sounds boring to you, don't worry...she's pretty hot in a Victorian dress. The movie hits theaters on March 11th.

Renaissance Girl: "With both acting and ballet, often you can't just choose when you do it, whereas a painter can go at his own pace. As an actor you have to wait for someone to cast you, so you're relying on the business. I think it's essential to have another creative outlet. Photography, for me, is something I can control fully. It's wholly my own expressions. Plus there's a lot of downtime on set to take pictures." –Wall Street Journal

Mia Wasikowska

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