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Birthday: Sept. 9, 1980

Hometown: Kalispell, Mont.


Where You've Seen Her: Michelle got her start as a child actress with roles in Lassie and Species before making an impact on young men all over the country thanks to her five years as the out-of-control, kinda-slutty Jen Lindley on Dawson's Creek. Since the Creek dried up in 2003, Michelle's easily transitioned back into feature films, earning an Oscar nod for Brokeback Mountain. Her latest film, Blue Valentine, is in limited release now and has her garnering Oscar buzz once again. And here we are with just a box of chocolates for her...thanks Oscar.

Getting Choked Up: "I’ve had that feeling of sort of choking yourself for reasons you don’t really understand; you’re too afraid to spit one thing out and when you swallow one thing, it becomes a reflex or a habit. But I do find that to be the most difficult work, as an actor. The silences, the things you have to make up all by yourself without the aid of written words. That’s always the work that keeps me up and plagues me and makes me wonder if I’ve done a good job." —Black Film

Michelle Williams