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It's halftime in our quest for the NFL's hottest cheerleader and we figured, every team gets a bye—why shouldn't their cheerleaders? But we're not leaving you empty handed. Check out the winners of the first eight weeks. You picked 'em, so you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Then check back next week for the Raiderettes!

Full Galleries From Past Weeks: Tennessee Titans | Miami Dolphins | Atlanta Falcons | Baltimore Ravens | Cincinnati Bengals | St. Louis Rams | Washington Redskins | Houston Texans | Midseason MVPsDallas Cowboys | New England Patriots | Tampa Bay Buccaneers | New York Jets

Dawn, Washington Redskins

Christa, St. Louis Rams

Lindi, Baltimore Ravens

Carey, Atlanta Falcons

Lauren, Cincinnati Bengals

Ashley, Miami Dolphins

Jocey, Tennessee Titans

Randi, Houston Texans

NFL Cheerleading Midseason MVPs