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Watch out, 2013: Gorgeous Dominican-born Roxiny is about to take over with infectious and hypnotizing dance music in her new single and upcoming EP. Read our candid chat with the musician, check out her hot photos, and watch her music video for "Belong."

In one of these pics, you're smoking a cigar. Are you a cigar aficionado?
I’m not a big smoker but I do appreciate cigars. There’s something really kind of earthy and spiritual about them. I have this fascination with different myths and goddess-driven mythology, and I think cigars connect to that sensibility.

Do you have a party drink?
I like Scotch. It goes with cigars! I just drink it straight, or on the rocks. I like the fact that you get to sip on it, and it's more laid back. There's something sexy about Scotch. 

Read our full interview with Roxiny. 

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