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Birthday: Feb. 11, 1985
Hometown: Puyallup, Wash.

Where You've Seen Her: A former Belle at Disneyland, Sarah is now an up-and-coming princess of horror and sci-fi thanks to roles in Flu Bird Horror, I <3 Vampires, and Luke 11:17. Butler's worked her away around beasts and diseased birds, and now she enacts gruesome revenge on a gang of men of questionable character in the remake of the 1978 horror flick I Spit On Your Grave, out today on DVD. We'd rather swap spit instead. 

Work It Out: "I did step it up a bit when I realized I was going to have to bare all. I started running every morning and did the normal cutting out the carbs. I hope it pays off because my ass is all over town." —G4TV

Sarah Butler