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We chatted with actress Scottie Thompson about her new film Deck the Halls, sneaking around on the Star Trek set, and her signature drink.

Tell us about Deck the Halls, your new movie.
It's a Christmas thriller, which is an ironic twist. It's about a woman who's a detective and her father gets murdered, and she has to solve the crime.

How was it?
It was tons of fun. My co-star is Kathy Najimy, and I had a great time working with her. We filmed it in Vancouver even though it's set in New York. I really love it there. It was also a fun character to work on.

What's been your favorite project?
I'm from Virginia, and we got to shoot Lake Effects there. So it was nice to be back there for a whole month.

You played Nero's wife in 2009's Star Trek. What was it like to work on that film?
It was really cool. It was this really secretive process, and we would ride around on this golf cart on the Paramount Lot. There were curtains covering the cart so no one would know what the characters looked like.

You went to Harvard and were the production manager for "Hasty Pudding Theatricals." Could you tell us more about that?
It's an all-male drag show. It's all these shows based on puns. It's pretty silly. You should check it out. There's a Chorus Line-style kick line at the end.

Who is your Hollywood crush?
Robert Downey, Jr. I don't know what I would do if I met him. And Paul Rudd. I just love him.

What's your best feature?
My smile.

What's your signature drink?
I usually like cucumber martinis. It's fresh.

What's a really random fact about yourself?
I sit in an infrared sauna everyday and microwave myself. It's really detoxifying. But that's not really funny… Oh wait! I know-- I also speak Wolof, a language that they speak in Senegal. It helps me to get a good bargain with a bunch of the guys who sell purses on the streets in New York because a lot of them are Senegalese and speak Wolof.

Scottie Thompson