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Birthday: Dec. 14th, 1988

Hometown: Salinas, Calif.

Where You've Seen Her: Though you won't admit it, you probably recognize Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical or at least on the arm of Zac Efron for the past few years. No longer a Disney princess (or, luckily for us, Efron's girlfriend), Hudgens is having a busy month thanks to the one-two combo of Beastly, out this Friday, and Sucker Punch, in theaters March 25th. Knock us out.

Suspender Disbelief: "I remember walking down the street to the mall, and there was a fireman driving a truck. He sees me and sticks his head out of the window, turns his head around, and is staring at me while he is driving the ginormous fire truck. I'm like, 'Don't you want to keep your eyes on the road?' It was weird because my dad was a fireman, so I personally don't think firefighters are hot." —Seventeen

Vanessa Hudgens