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Birthday: June 19th, 1978

Hometown: Passaic, N.J.


Where You've Seen Her: Ballerina-turned-actress Zoë Saldana got her acting break in the dance-themed flick Center Stage before turning up as one of Britney Spears' pals in 2002's Crossroads. From there she graduated to action movies with parts in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Black Pearl, Vantage Point, Star Trek and The Losers. She showed off her physicality even more in last year's Takers, out on DVD today.

Boys Club: "I never take off my jeans in my mind, I never stop burping. I have no class whatsoever. I look like I do and that's fine, that's all I need. For some reason I keep gravitating towards films where I'm the only woman, and it's kind of hot." —Collider

Zoë Saldana