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Tom Brady Wins Again

After struggling in the first half, Tom Brady and the Patriots routed the Kansas City Chiefs 34-3 to continue their Monday Night Football dominance. Brady and c o. was flat during the first half but exceptional after the break.

Brady threw a pair of touchdowns to his favorite target, tight end Rob Gronkowski, who has five TDs in his last three games. It’s hard to touch Brady or Gronkowski in the football or babe department.

Top 5 Football Babes
1. Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen: Many football pundits say that there is only one Tom Brady. Well, there’s only one Gisele Bundchen. Brady left his pregnant actress girlfriend Bridget Moynihan for the Brazilian supermodel and everyone understands, including the Catholic Church, who married TB and GB. The only thing more perfect than a touchdown pass from Brady is Bundchen.

2. Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson: Baskett is currently a free agent after being released by the Minnesota Vikings earlier this year but who needs a job when you’re married to Kendra? Baskett’s sugar mama has quite a resume. She is Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend and the star of ‘Kendra.’ The reality show is all about the second hottest MILF in the world.

3. Rob Gronkowski and Bibi Jones: Gronkowski is becoming the ultimate fantasy player and his porn star girlfriend is the ultimate fantasy. Last month Gronkowski got chewed out by coach Bill Belichick (the dude is so jealous) for posing shirtless while Jones sported his Patriots jersey. Hey, they got that backwards.

4. Tim Hasselbeck and Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Hasselbeck is a retired quarterback, who is Basket-esque since he married a hot woman, who is more accomplished than he ever was. Hasselback is crazy cute but the co-host of ABC’s ‘The View’ is at her best when she keeps her mouth shut. The ‘Survivor’ alum’s wacky conservative views remind you that she should be seen but not heard.

5. A.J. Feeley and Heather Mitts: Yet another hottie who outshines her husband. The two-time gold medalist and professional soccer player isn’t just a mega-babe, she’s athletic and rich to boot. The most successful play of Feeley’s life is scoring with Mitts. Touchdown!