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Tough S#&t

Your guide to everything manly: Military, crime, and survival strategies.


About Maxim's Tough S#&t Section

Welcome to our Tough S#&T section, where you’ll find things to entertain your badass self in no time. Make sure to scan through our endless supply of sexy military girl galleries; they may not all have served our country, but they still look really good decked out in military-inspired attire (and by that we mean camouflage and strings of bullets). Browse through our Maximum Warrior section to check out our intense combative challenge involving our nation’s finest veterans. Better yet, rather than looking like a mole person from the safe confines of your isolated computer desk, sign yourself up and get ready for a good ass-kicking (and possibly a mouth full of dirt). If you’re not completely convinced by that statement, check out our highlights from the previous year’s Party Like a Warrior event, where some of our favorite celebrities and hot girls came out to celebrate the winner.

Now if that doesn’t get your ass to the starting line, we don’t know what will.

If you’re more interested in real-life gangsters and serial killers, our True Crime section will satisfy your bloodthirsty cravings. Scan through our database of articles that get you a little closer with expert scam artists, insane murder mysteries, godfathers (and godmothers for that matter) of crime, and agents who are determined to catch those behind some of the most grotesque offences.

Drop down to our Scars section to check out hardcore accidents, and lessons on survival. Find out how extreme sportsmen got their worst injuries, and watch hilarious youtube videos of the average man winding up in strange (and really unfortunate) positions. If you prefer to skip the hilarious, rambunctiously inane stuff, browse around to find useful information on survival techniques - we could save your life the next time you find yourself alone in the woods. And on fire.