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Armageddon Prep

Bunkers$25,000-$50,000 per person

When the world erupts with an infinite string of flesh-eating zombies, you’re going to want to be super far underground. You’re probably thinking that sprawling out amongst dirt and worms is going to suck ass, but you can officially avoid that with Vivos, a company that makes the post-apocalyptic version of luxury hotel suites. Built to sustain life after virtually any type of catastrophe - including nuclear warfare, colossal-sized androids, a backlash from Planet Gonad-Punch, and every type of natural disaster - these bunkers will make you feel like you’re still living the high-life despite the mutant dinosaur guts scattered above you. Both private and communal shelters are available, and structured to hold thousands of survivors, so you can breathe easy knowing that if you’re forced to repopulate the earth, you can do so with a hot stranger rather than your mom.