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Hamster Rises From The Dead!

Sadly, this rodent coming back to life is no belated Easter miracle.

If you got the feeling that your dog or cat was throwing you some major shade last night, it’s probably because, like us, you forgot that April 11th was National Pet Day. (For future reference, it’s also worth noting that this day of significance falls right next to National Sibling Day. Coincidence?)

Anyway, as a way to make up for it to pets everywhere, we’d like to bring you this PSA about premature hamster burial as illustrated by the case of Tink the hamster. Tink was being cared for by Lisa Kilbourne-Smith and her boyfriend James Davis while her owners were out of town, when one day the couple discovered the hamster lying cold and lifeless in its cage. Out of respect, they wrapped Tink up in paper towels and buried her in a foot-deep grave to make sure their cat couldn't dig up the carcass. That was on Good Friday. 

The next day, however, the hamster-sitters were shocked to find Tink hanging out near the recycling bin. Turns out the little lady was actually able to dig herself up and out! 

It may sound like an Easter miracle but, according to veterinarian John Auld, Tink was merely in a state of hibernation. “This isn’t the first instance of a hamster coming back from the dead that I’ve come across,” he told the United Press International, adding that hibernation is often mistaken for death among hamster owners.

Just think back to your youth and how many hamsters your poor parents may have mistakenly buried alive. So next time you come across a dead-looking hamster, just wrap it’s cold, little motionless body up in a blanket or place it next to a heating pad and wait for resurrection*.

*Disclaimer: Sorry, there is a chance it may actually be dead, so don’t wait too long.

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