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The Piranha Predator Drone

Unmanned drones go pirate hunting.

Meet the Piranha Predator Drone, an unmanned patrol boat soon to be giving loose bowels to pirates, terrorists, and drug smugglers everywhere. The 55-foot remote-controlled boat cruises at speeds of 40 knots (that’s 46 mph to you landlubbers) and can be armed with everything from Harpoon and Hellfire missiles to MK-54 torpedoes and a 7.62 stabilized machine gun. If you want one to patrol your backyard pond, the starting price is $2 million. Missiles are extra.

Made by Zyvex Marine, it has a range of more than 2,000 nautical miles. It’s the perfect surveillance tool: It can remain stationary for weeks at a time with no bathroom breaks (in fact, it doesn’t even have a head). Super lightweight, no matter how many bad guys it eats.