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<b>Las Vegas, Nevada</b>-

When it comes to bachelor party excesses -- gambling, strippers, booze -- it's not exactly a shocker that Sin City reigns supreme. This place is expanding all the time, and thanks to movies like The Hangover, the allure is stronger than ever. Blew your life savings at the craps table? Too bad -- your pals went broke on Cirque du Soleil.

The Sweet Spot: Play nine holes of golf at the Rio Secco club and replace your fat buddy with a hot caddie from their T-Mates program. Later, relieve your sexual frustrations by firing fully-automatic machine guns at The Gun Store on East Tropicana Ave. They have package deals galore, including those allowing you to shoot zombie targets.

<b>New York City, New York</b>-

The Big Apple is home to millions of people who have trouble sitting still, and accommodating them takes round-the-clock entertainment, countless bars, and cabbies at 3 AM who are more than happy to have you puke in their taxis (if by "more than happy" means "will stab you in the fucking eye with a spork," that is). The bottom line is, if you can party here, you can party anywhere.

The Sweet Spot: Is your party full of Star Wars geeks? Try signing up for a New York Jedi lightsaber class in Midtown. You and your fellow Jedis can imitate Luke before heading out to Rudy's Bar, a Hell's Kitchen hangout with what may well be the cheapest drinks in NYC.

<b>Austin, Texas</b>-

Dubbed “The Live Music Capital of the World,” this Texas town quickly became a stellar party destination for a few important reasons: great live bands, great BBQ, and plenty of hip hotties to feast your peepers on. Sadly, still no pro teams.

The Sweet Spot: Scarf down a tasty taco at Torchy's in South Austin's Trailer Park & Eatery, known for its unique trailer park layout and spicy delights. Then be sure to get your drink on at Ginny's Little Longhorn, a popular dive where Sunday games of Chicken Shit Bingo (A.K.A chickens crapping on numbers in a cage) are, er, the shit. Actually, didn’t Hasbro invent this?

<b>Portland, Oregon</b>-

It may rank a piddly 38 on our Best Man Cities list, but Portland redeems itself royally by being 2011's #1 beer city in the U.S., according to one publication. 39 breweries! C’mon, just buy an ugly poncho for the rain and enjoy. It also helps that Portland has more strip clubs per capita than almost anywhere else in the country.

The Sweet Spot: Zoo bombing-- which, apparently, some locals have been doing for years. Basically, you and a crowd of other wacko cyclists -- most of whom decorate their bikes in as ridiculous a manner as possible - rendezvous by the Oregon Zoo and race downhill at crazy speeds toward downtown Portland, shouting at cars along the way. With the exception of trying to end up in the hospital, it’s awesomely pointless.

<b>San Francisco, California</b>-

OK, its bar scene isn't quite on the level of NYC or Vegas, but San Francisco sill makes the list for having not only mild temperatures over much of the year, but also lively strip joints and amazing restaurants whipping up some of the finest meals in the world. Some people can even afford to live here, allegedly.

The Sweet Spot: If you're outdoors-y types, strap on some hiking shoes and go tarantula-spotting at picturesque Mount Diablo State Park, which also offers spectacular views at almost 4,000 feet. If a tarantula bites you, it might just feel like a bee sting, so don't go panicking yet. Get a real good look at it, then panic.

<b>Amsterdam, Netherlands</b>-

Thanks to a crackdown on sex clubs (booo!), some believe Amsterdam has lost a bit of its buck wild reputation. We at Maxim, however, refuse to give up hope. Research shows that cannabis cafes, sex shops, bars, beautiful women, more cannabis cafes, and other proponents of debauchery are alive and well in this city. Oh yeah, there's art and stuff, too.

The Sweet Spot: Step into The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum to expand your pot knowledge and impress your stoner pals with tales of the interactive Vaporizing Exhibit. It's a $12 admission charge for adults, but kids under 13 are free! Or you could always try the Sex Museum

<b>Bangkok, Thailand</b>-

Every bit the urban jungle it’s said to be, Bangkok is the naughty Asian destination that excels in balancing sleazy-yet-exciting street life (sketchy bars, tattoo shops, curbside cuisine) with upscale influence. Don't fret too much over where to hang out: wherever you end up, partying here is sure to make your goody two-shoes fiancée shudder.

The Sweet Spot: Grab cheap tickets to a Muay Thai boxing tournament at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium. Rampant gambling around the ring is legal there, so don't be afraid to put some cash on your favorite warrior.

<b>Montreal, Quebec</b>-

Who cares if you're a little light in the wallet? This so-called "Paris of North America" is loaded with late-night pubs and clubs charging a $0 cover, so you might just have extra funds for the popular Casino de Montreal. What? Of course we knew Emmanuelle Chriqui was born here! Why do you think we learned French?

The Sweet Spot: Go to a Canadiens hockey game and mingle with the fans, said to be some of the most brutal in North America. Then cheer for a team that isn't the Canadiens and bet on which of you walks out in one piece.

<b>Rio de Janeiro, Brazil</b>-

Exotic women sunbathe on white, sandy beaches. A gorgeous sunset sits in the evening sky. Nocturnal activities make you dizzy well into the wee hours. This is no dream, fellas -- this is Rio, and it rules. Better trim those nose hairs, though: the city has little tolerance for unsexy types.

The Sweet Spot: Hang gliding isn't exactly original, but hang gliding over Rio is said to be a one-of-a-kind experience. The tropical air and mountainous views are exhilarating enough to keep thoughts of plummeting to your death at bay (supposedly).

<b>London, England</b>-

A day of driving around a traffic circle while shouting, "Big Ben, Parliament!" seems awesome to us, but if you and your boys want actual fun, the British capital is home to some of the most legendary pubs, clubs and music venues in the world, and seriously - no one likes a drink like the Brits.

The Sweet Spot: Take an hour ride outside the city to Diggerland Adventure Park, where they’ll actually let you race dump trucks and JCB's. The entry fee is a hefty $56, but how often do you get to race your buddies in 8.5 tons of construction equipment?

by Darren Ratner

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