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Alternative Spring Break Destinations

Arctic Man Festival
Step off the sand and onto the snowy mountains of Alaska for a weekend of beer and extreme racing. With over 13,000 spectators, the Arctic Man Festival builds up to a timed race between teams of two, combining skis and snowmobiles for an epic up-and-downhill battle. But it’s not the snow sports that bring out the masses: it’s the multiple campsites, bonfires, beer tents, and vintage ‘80s ski movies that draw the crowds. So throw on your multicolored ski jacket and have yourself a spring break John Cusack could be proud of.

Canyon de Chelly National Monument
Looking for adventure on your spring break, instead of a bad tan and a regrettable tattoo that you don’t remember getting? Take your friends to the Canyon de Chelly National Monument and journey through the high desert, red rock cliffs, and Anasazi dwellings of Arizona without bumping into tourists every five seconds (we’re looking at you, Grand Canyon), and you might get that life-changing, bro-bonding experience you’ve been looking for. Just do it without the peyote.

South by Southwest
Road trip! It’s time to commandeer Mom’s station wagon and head for Austin, Texas, where you’ll find 10 days of glorious entertainment. While South by Southwest is one of the world’s premier film festivals, it also hosts over 2,000 bands across more than 90 different venues in the area, promising a binge of alcohol and popcorn like you’ve never experienced before. Plus there’s a lot of innovative networking events in case you might actually want a job someday. If not, well, there are plenty of wet t-shirt contests in Cancun that are calling your name. March 11-20 in Austin, TX

Snowbombing Festival
Known as “The Greatest Show on Snow,” the Snowbombing Festival is your best excuse to leave the States for this year’s Spring Break. Spend a week in Austria with hot European chicks, snowboarding madness, and hundreds of live bands and DJs, while taking your pick between a sky high igloo rave, an open-air forest gathering, a secret backcountry bash, or Austria’s biggest fancy dress street party. Yeah, there’s a lot of stuff to do. Get your passport and make it happen.
April 4-9, 2011 in Mayrhofen, Austria

Our neighbors to the north don’t need beaches to rock your Spring Break. Whether you’re taking a walk down St. Laurent Boulevard on a Friday night or getting lost in a pair of French-Canadian breasts at a strip club for several hours, Montreal will give you a party that you can’t find in the States. If you’re not into girls or getting really drunk though, don’t worry. There’s plenty of skiing and fancy art shows to keep you occupied for a long time. But did we mention they have great strip clubs? Because they do.