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Dolphins Save Swimmer From Shark

Amazing dolphins prove that there really is safety in numbers.

A group of dolphins may have saved the life of swimmer Adam Walker - and ironically, he was trying to save theirs, too. It all occurred last Tuesday when Walker was swimming the Cook Strait in New Zealand as part of his Ocean's Seven quest to complete seven long-distance swims around the world, and also to raise proceeds for the nonprofit group Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

The d
olphins must have heard about Walker's plans, because midway through the 16-mile swim, they came to the aid of the British swimmer, forming a mini army around him after he saw a great white shark in the water below him. The dolphins even continued to swim next to their brother-in-arms after the shark swam away.

Walker took to his Facebook page to talk about the crazy event and post the above video. The only thing that would have made the clip cooler is if he'd hopped on one of the dolphins' backs for a ride, but we'll settle for this extraordinary footage
. So the next time you're in the ocean and you come across a killer shark, never fear! Dolphins are on the way. Hopefully. If you're lucky.